Press & Assets

We LOVE it when developers and media talk about us! Please let us know when you do so we can share it with the community, and also be mindful of our guidelines (below). If in doubt, email and we will be happy to work with you.

Brand Guidelines

  • Only show the logo in black or white
  • Don't alter, rotate or modify the logo
  • Don't combine the logo with other art elements
  • Ensure the logo is given ample space and is not crowded on the page
  • Minimum logo size is 32pixels
  • Do not use custom fonts for the Temporal brand name. Only use the official brand logo/name asset

Brand Assets (PNG)

  • White logo icon on Black (Circle)
  • Black logo icon on White (Transparent)
  • White logo on Black (Square)
  • Black logo+text on White Banner
  • White logo+text on Black Banner
  • Black logo on White Banner (no text)
  • White logo on Black Banner (no text)
  • White text on Black Banner (text)
  • Black text on White Banner (text)


  • Dark logo+text on White
  • Dark logo on White
  • Dark logo (Transparent)
  • Light logo (Transparent)
  • Light logo+text (Transparent)
  • Dark logo+text (Transparent)

Temporal's corporate address:

Temporal Technologies, Inc

4431 175th Pl SE

Bellevue, WA 98006